8th July, 2020

The Praise Wall: Week 11

This is the final Praise Wall for this summer term. Once again, a massive well done to everyone who is featured.

We would like to thank our community for the kind and positive feedback we have had about the Praise Wall and Praise List features. The school has decided to continue with a similar Praise Wall format after the summer break when we start back in September to celebrate the effort and work students will be doing on their return to school.

Ms Hill's Stars

Ms Hills would like to praise the following students;

Alyssa Buckley for making really good attempts to catch up with Maths tasks, real turn around in engagement with Maths.

Ryan Worden and Ellis Harrison-Scott for being absolutely relentless with outstanding scores. Praise lists for subjects every week and just maintained outstanding standards/effort.

Amy Rossington for workeing really hard and had outstanding scores for the duration.

Olivia Lowe has worked really hard and not just on academic work.

Leah Bentham has improved scores with engagement

Indigo Holmes has shown good effort

Courtney Harvey has been a remote learning Trojan. She has really applied herself and done some great work and maintained consistently positive engagement scores

Lucy Lister has really improved her reomote learning scores over the last few weeks.

Ryan Cain - History

As an additional assignment, Mr Sale challenged history students to pick a topic they were interested in, but we don’t teach at school. Students were to research it & present it however they saw fit.

Ryan Cain decided to study the unification of Germany and he produced a timeline of key events! Just to put this in context, Mr Sale studied this topic at A-level! A fantastic achievement, Ryan.



Media Stars

KS4 Media students have be continuing with the creative photography these last few weeks of term. Last week students created a digital collage with some absolutely fantastic results! Here are a selection from Holly Herrity, Jade Evans, Karan Saha, Leah Bentham and Leonie Appleby.

If you would like to have a go at creating a digital collage for yourself, you can follow Ms Farrimond’s tutorials on her website:


Computing Stars

Key Stage 3 Computing students have continued to excel at the creative photography lessons at home last week. With a special mention to Ethan Turney (pictured below) for this very fun tube frame photograph of a lego man, edited using Photopea.

We have had so many fantastic submissions. A selection of which can be seen here:



If you want to learn how to create cool tube frame photographs like this, then head over to Ms Farrimond’s website for the tutorial:


Year 7 Art Stars

The following Year 7 art students have been nominated for the excellent work they have produced in designing a ‘T’ Shirt in the style of Zentangle patterns. Well done to;

Bradley Oliver, Felicity Berry, Kyle Barron, Kyle Patel, Scarlett Booth, Teegan Spooner, Holly Dunn, Lewis Eaton and Rebekah Wilson.

Year 8 Art Stars

The following students have been nominated for the super work they have produced in two tasks; training shoe designs and school subject titles in the style of Andy J Miller:

Training Shoe Designs:
Adam Taylor, Bethany Cain, Jessica Butterworth, Naomi Barber, Neve Warren and Nicole Lomas. We particularly love Jessica’s real life shoe design!


School Subject Title Designs:
Adam Taylor, Isabelle Norwood, Isla Jones, Jessica Butterworth and Charlotte Commons.

Year 9 Art Stars

Amelia Stutchbury and Jade Evans have been nominated for the excellent work they have produced on developing and refining their work on ‘Day of the Dead’ themed GCSE project. You can see their results below;


Bella Thompson's Art

Bella Thompson in Year 10 has been nominated for her excellent art work she has produced in the style of Ulla Stina Wikander, for her ‘Objects’ project. Well done, Bella!


Photography Stars

The GCSE photography students listed below have all demonstrated excellent commitiment and dedication to their assignments, each and every week over the entire lockdown period and therefore deserve recognition for their efforts. Well done to;

Year 9: Zara Bates, Amelia Cann, Hannah Openshaw Abigail Steele Lesh, Tyler Barron, Jake Morris, Annie Wardle, Sienna Smith -Hamilton and Jessica Chadwick

Year 10: Amy Rossington, Bettina Babic, Corey Riding, Abby Downing, Molly Gunn, Gracie Lowe, Ryan Collard King, Aniqah Ahktar, Callum Taylor, Abi Maxfield, Charlie Allwood, Samantha Bithell and Lucy Naisbitt.

Year 10 Fashion Stars

The following Year 10 Fashion students have been nominated for their consistent approach and effort to their ‘Messages’ project. Well done to;

Halle Bates Robinson, Sophie Gorman, Amy Rossington, Jessica-Lyn Williams, Halle Waring and Hamna Shahid.


Year 7 & 8 Drama Outstanding Engagement

All the students listed below have over the course of lockdown been outstanding in their engagement with their drama learning. Well done to;

Year 7: Harry Barton, Felicity Berry, Scarlett Booth, Amelia Brown, Ryan Cain, Jessica Crofts, Csanad Csore, Holly Dunn, Lewis Eaton, Lucas Eatough, Ella Hill, Rosie Ivill, Brianna Knight, Jake Lane, Aaron Lewis, Daniel Lord, Joshua Mangnall, Chloe Mayor, Holly Mclaren, Bradley Oliver, Jake O’shaughnessy, Kyle Patel, Joshua Poynton, George Roberts, Kirsten Scaife, Keira Seddon, Joshua Smith and Rebecca Webster.

Year 8: Oscar Aldersley, Lucas Anderson, Michael Bithell, Scott Booth, Lucas Buckley, Jessica Butterworth, Bethany Cain, Charlotte Commons, Billy Corless, Caleb Devenport, Kelsey-Jo Frost, Ethan Gagan, Nathan Gaskell, Hanna Goodwin, Alyssa Hall, Bethany Harrison-Taylor, Ruby-May Holmes, Harley Johnson, Isla Jones, Sienna Love, Olivia Lowe, Sophia Magari, Oscar Moss, Keelan Mulligan, Ryan Nesfield, Sophie Nesfield, Isabelle Norwood, Harry Owens, Kelsie Oxtoby, William Rainey, Jessica Ramsden, Aaron Rowland, Adam Taylor, Michael Walker, Lyla Wells, Lucy Willett and Ryan Worden.

PiXL Edge Stars

Mr Barry would like to praise Eve Lowe and Jessica Ramsden in his Edge form 8E for their completion of their PiXl Edge work without much prompting. A superb effort and another reason for Mr Barry to be a proud Edge tutor.

Ms Mistry's Science Stars

Ms Mistry has been very impressed with the excellent effort shown by Year 8 scientists Lilly Crowther, Kieran Mulligan and Kiera Moore.

In addition, the following Year 10 students have performed to a high level and achieved excellent scores in last week’s science tasks;

Isabella Thompson, Molly Gunn, Luke Partington, Lucy Naisbitt, Hallie Waring and Skye Nicholson.


Mr Roper's PE Stars

The following PE students have impressed Mr Roper with their fantastic and really detailed work on ‘My Sporting Hero’ presentations that covered a wide range of sports including; Golf, Gymnastics, Football and Motor Racing. Well done to;

Year 7: Ryan Cain, Daniel Lord, Josh Magnall, Bradley Oliver, Joshua Poyton and Kirsten Scaife

Year 8: Oscar Aldersley, Harley Irwin, Eve Lowe, Oscar Moss, Isabelle Norwood and Adam Taylor.

Ms Mortimer's History Stars

The following historians have shown brilliant effort in the work last week and have really impressed Ms Mortimer;

Year 7: Bradley Oliver, Felicity Berry, George Roberts, Jake Lane, Matthew Elleray, Nathan Hughes, Rebecca Webster and Travis Woodland

Year 9: Jessica Chadwick, Jodie Jackson, Hannah Cherry and Harvey Leech.



Mr Cook’s History Stars

As part of last week’s history assignment on the Holocaust students were asked to design a memorial or remembrance poster in memory of the victims. There was outstanding work from;

Bethany Cain, Charlotte Commons, Kelsey-Jo Frost, Ryan Hadley, Ellis Harrison-Scott, Isla Jones, Nicole Lomas, Sophia Magari, Isabelle Norwood, Kelsie Oxtoby, Darcie Sutcliffe-Platt, Lucy Willett, Sasha Wilson and Ryan Worden.

You can view a selection of the memorials by clicking on the tab below;

History Memorial Posters


Ms Chew's Maths Stars

The following students have demonstrated hard work & excellent effort last week in completing every Maths task to the highest standard. Well done to;

Year 7: Kyle Barron, Harry Barton, Charlie Bateson, Toby Belfield, Scarlett Booth, Ryan Cain, Jessica Crofts, Jack Crompton, Csanad Csore, Ava Curley, James Dickinson, Amy Downing, Lewis Eaton, Matthew Elleray, Jack Fielding, Jack Hansom, Lauren Harrison, Dylan Herrity, Erin Hill, James Hinks, Chloe Hinsley, Rosie Ivill, Daniel Lord, Joshua Mangnall, Chloe Mayor, Summer McCracken, Oliver Phillips, Joshua Poynton, Kieran Sandham, Joshua Smith, Ethan Turney, Rubie-Sue Vining, Evan Walker, Katie Westwood, Abbie Whitworth, Alfie Winnard-Leighton, Travis Woodland, Dylan Jarrold, Leo Logan, Umar Rashid, Lily Tinker and Noah Walker

Year 8: Khudadad Akhtar, Naomi Barber, Nathan Blaxall, Lillia Brown, Bethany Cain, Cassius Foley, Callum Green, Alyssa Hall, Nicole Lomas, Sienna Love, Sophia Magari, Ellie Mottershead, Jayden Ofori, Finley Schofield, Corey Stevens, Lois Walker, Lucy Willett and Ryan Worden.

Ms Sutcliffe's Geography Stars

The following Year 10 students have produced some great work last week in geography on the surge of deforestation in the Brazilian Amazon. Well done to;

Shazaib Aslam, Harvey Bebbington, Fola Fasehun, Maddison Palin, Luke Pilling, Khaneen Qaisar, Codey Rule, Hamna Shahid and Elina Velicka.


Mr McHugh's History Stars

The following students have shown superb effort in their history work last week and have really impressed Mr McHugh. Well done to;

Year 7: Holly Dunn, Josh Poynton, Oliver Phillips, Bailey Hook and Brooklyn Knox

Year 8: Sophie Nesfield, Harley Irwin and Bethany Cain

Year 10: Callum Lane.

Design Tech & Catering Stars

The following students have completed some fantastic work for their DT tasks last week. Well done to;

Year 7: Kyle Barron

Year 8: Charlotte Commons, Lucy Willetts and Ryan Nesfield.

The following students have done some superb work in their Catering tasks last week;

Year 7: Ethan Turney who made delicious looking strawberry sundaes with a black olive puree!!

Year 8: Ethan Gagan, Bethany Cain and Ellis Harrison Scott.


Design Tech & Catering Work


Ms Ely's PE Stars

Ms Ely is very impressed with the continuous high level of work and effort being placed in their work when completing the tasks set. Well done to;

Abi Maxfield, Bailey Tildsley, Sol Love and Shazaib Aslam.

Mr Bell's Computer Science Stars

The following students have demonstrated an excellent attitude to learning and put in fantastic effort with their Computer Science studies during the lockdown period, they are a credit to themselves and the school. A big thank you from Mr Bell;

Lucas Briggs, Abby Downing, Caden Jones, Andrew Kirkham, Callum Parkinson, Luke Partington (Consistent ‘star performer’ each week), Codey Rule, Joshua Mellett, Leam Shaw and Catherine Whittaker.


Ms Leigh's Stars

Ms Leigh have been very impressed with Shazaib Aslam, Leah Johnson and Demi-Leigh Dumbill for their continuous hard work and dedication during lockdown.

Ms Leigh would also like to recognise Eshaan Yaseer for being an outstanding learner throughout the remote learning term. Well done, everyone.


Ms Hargreaves's Science Stars

Fantastic work from these students in science last week, all scoring very highly in their practice exam questions. Well done and keep up the great work.

Phoebe Alston-Forrester, Halle Bates-Robinson, Megan Baxendale, Abby Downing, Charlie Greenhalgh, Megan Haslam, Caden Jones, Callum Lane, Maddison Palin, Lily Phillips, Aimee Renshaw, Amy Rossington, Jason Scaife, Elina Velicka, Lucas Briggs, Ryeleah Cartwright Billy Fothergill, Bailey Tildsley and Jessica-Lyn Williams.

Ms Morris's RE Stars

The RE praise wall nominations for this week are students who have completed every single piece of work set for their year group over the remote learning period. They have handed work in on time and to a high standard.

In year 7, these students are: Keira Seddon, Kirsten Scaife, Joshua Poynton, Ethan Vietes, Kyle Patel, George Roberts, Holly Dunn, Daniel Lord and Oliver Phillips.

In year 8, these students are: Oscar Moss, Ryan Nesfield, Ethan Gagan, Lucas Buckley, Nathan Gaskell, Hanna Goodwin, Charlotte Commons, Ellis Harrison-Scott, Sophia Magari, Michael Walker and Lucy Willett.

In year 9, these students are: Jessica Colgan, Lauren Tobin and Kelly Dempsey Fallows.

Mr Welch's PE Stars

Mr Welch is very impressed with the continued excellent work ethic shown by the following PE students;

Year 9: Benjamin Griffin, Douglas Taylor, Euan Axon, Jayden Garrity, Noah Kearsley, Harvey Leech, Kieran Litherland and Matthew Ryall.

Year 10: Ryan Collard King and Luke Pilling.

Computer Science Stars

Ms Givens writes,

‘A huge well done to the following students for continuing to work hard on their remote learning – work this week has been outstanding again!’

Tom Hotchin, Alfie Whittle, Callum Hailwood, Millie Wright, Beau Evans, Danny Ireland, Finley Whittaker, Illyaas Sowmni and Xander Hargreaves.

‘A special mention to Annie Wardle who has consistently gone above and beyond every single week since remote learning began – I am really proud of her efforts!’


Year 10 DIT Stars

Ms Givens writes,

‘Once again, a huge well done to the following students for completing some amazing work in preparation for Year 11.’

Josh Dalziel, Ryan Collard-King, Ryeleah Cartwright, Finley Smith, Brandon Goodwin-Sheridan, Bettina Babic, Megan Haslam, Lucas Briggs, Billy Fothergill, Sol Love, Aaron Purdie, Liam Doran, Louie Higgins and Samantha Bithell.

Ms Craven's Science Stars

A huge amount of praise to 7p1 who yet again have been outstanding with their work last week. They’ve pushed to get a large chunk of our content complete so we can finish the year on a high with all Year 7 topics complete.

Three pieces of work that stood out were Ryan Cain, Rosie Ivill and Jessica Croft’s for their detailed and inventive “letters to farmers” detailing the best growing conditions for their crops, based on their knowledge of limiting factors of photosynthesis!

A massive well done on the whole to: Abbie Whitworth, Bradley Oliver, Brianna Knight, Ella Hill, Himayl Butt, Jack Hansom, Jessica Crofts, Josh Smith, Katrina Smaukstele, Lexi Hargreaves, Rosie Ivill, Ryan Cain, Sam Philbin, Summer McCracken, Tyler Collard King and Tyler Delroy.

Lewis Martland – Design Tech

Lewis Martland has been working very hard to create his marble run over the past few weeks for Design Technology recording his progress in great detail. Well done Lewis.


Lewis Martland's Marble Run Presentation


Mr Cornish's BTEC Music Stars

These students have been nominated for their contributions & effort throughout the Home Learning scheme. Mr Cornish has thoroughly enjoyed reading through their fantastic work, well done!

9c/Mt1: Rebecca Atkinson, Euan Axon, Jessica Chadwick, Danny Ireland, Joseph Kennedy, Sophie Martin, Lewis Martland, Kai Melake, Aidan Mitchell and Jake Robinson

10a/Mt1: Abby Butterworth, Aimee Renshaw, Louie Higgins, Phoebe Alston-Forrester, Corey Riding and Adam Shaw.


Ms Guy's Superstars

Ms Guy would like to praise the following students for showing excellence throughout the on line learning period;

Aston Minta, Bronte Naylor, Hannah Openshaw, Lily Philbin, Shahzaib Younas, Ethan Worthington and Sam Philbin.

For showing effort and perseverance throughout the on line learning period, praise goes to;

Amaan Iqbal, Bobbi May Norris, Francesca Moffat, Jake Morris, Esme Murphy, Alix Parsons, Ruben Worthington, Alfie Holt, Joe Holt Alfie Howarth, Joshua Idowu, Rehan Khan and Jamie Lias.

Charlie Greenhalgh - Year 10

Mr Cordwell would like to praise Charlie Greenhalgh in Year 10 for her consistently high engagement scores over the entire lockdown period. Charlie has shown excellent dedication, effort and high expectations in all her subject remote learning tasks.

She has consistently scored 1s each in almost every subject and on the odd occasion when she has been awarded a 2, she has sought guidance and help from her subject teachers on how she can improve a ‘good’ score to ‘outstanding’. This demonstrates that Charlie has high expectations of herself and has a desire to achieve the best in EVERY subject. An admirable quality. Well done, Charlie!