12th June, 2020

The Praise Wall: Week 7

A big well done to everyone who features on the Praise Wall. Your exceptional effort and work has caught the eye of your teachers last week. The school is very proud of you!

First up is the English Praise Wall video. Well done to everyone featured!

Well done to the Key Stage 3 computing students featured in the webpage link below who have been showcasing their animation skills making GIFs.

Year 7 and 8 animated gifs webpage

GCSE Photography students have finally completed their Lockdown Photo Diary projects which has been their remote learning focus since the school had to close. We have been very impressed with the standard and creativity of work submitted. Click on the tabs below to view some the completed ‘diaries’.

Well done to Lucy Naisbitt, Gracie Lowe, Abby Downing, Samantha Bithell, Matthew Cowcill and Molly Gunn. 

Lucy Naisbitt Lockdown Photo Diary


Gracie Lowe Lockdown Photo Diary


Abby Downing Lockdown Photo Diary


Molly Gunn Lockdown Photo Diary


Jodie Jackson - Business

Jodie Jackson in Year 9 has shown excellent understanding of remote working and applied this to an exam-style question. She has made excellent use of our marking key to ensure the recipe for success on this style of question is achieved – brilliant!

Discuss the impact on a business of remote working. (6)

One advantage of remote working in a business is employees are more motivated. (p) Therefore they are happier and will get the job done faster. (1) Meaning there will be customer satisfaction. (2) Leading to the business having a good brand image with more people wanting to purchase. (3)

One disadvantage is employees have no one around them to speak to and get help from. (p)  This means they are going to feel demotivated as they feel isolated. (1) Leading it to take a longer time for them to complete their job. (2) Therefore the business will have more of a negative brand image as customers are not satisfied. (3)

Zaynah Imran - Science

Mr Rowlinson would like to add Zaynah Imran on the Praise Wall. She wasn’t able to access her school work due to having no IT facilities for a number of weeks. Since getting a laptop on Tuesday, she has nearly completely caught up with all her science tasks! Brilliant effort, Zaynah!


Year 8 Art Stars

The following Year 8 art students have been nominated for the Praise Wall because they have produced excellent responses of researching and evaluating the work of of graphic artist, Andy J Miller;

Sophie Magari, Ella Morley, Charlotte Commons, Kelsie Oxtoby, Ellis Harrison-Scott, Isla Jones, Lillia Brown, Lucy Willett and Neve Warren.

Year 10 Design Technology Stars

Some great work again this week from the Year 10 Design and Technology students. Then have been looking into sustainability issues and the impact the products we use have on the environment. Here is just a small example of the great work completed but special recommendations go to Aniqah Akhtar, Lily Phillips, Aaron Purdie and Amber Slater.

Catering Stars

The following catering students have worked really hard on their catering work last week. Fantastic work, everyone!

Year 7: Ethan Blake, Jessica Crofts, Ryan Cain, Felicity Berry, Csanad Csore, Matthew Elleray, Joshua Mangnall, Chloe Mayor, Alisha McCrory, Adam Menai, Bradley Oliver, Kyle Patel, Josh Poynton, Jack Ridgley, Kirsten Scaife, Ethan Turnay, Katie Westwood and Joshua Smith.

Year 8: Ethan Gagan

The following students have worked really hard on their hospitality and catering work;

Year 9: Holly Herrity
Year 10: Kady-Leigh Sellars


Mr Cook's History Stars

Lucy Willett in Year 8 has made the Praise Wall this week for her work in  History. She produced an assessment piece last week that was faultless and she achieved full marks. A superb effort.

The following students in Year 8 also made an outstanding effort with their History assessment this week

Ellis Harrison-Scott, Isla Jones, Nicole Lomas, Sophia Magari, Oscar Moss, Ryan Nesfield, Lelsie Oxtoby, Tilly Wilson and Eshaan Yaser.

Year 7 Art Stars

These Year 7 art students have produced a great response on the work on Name Designs inspired by Zentangle pattern art. Well done to;

Bradley Oliver, Josh Poynton, Lily Tinker, Evan Walker, Felicity Berry, Jake Lane and Scarlett Booth.

Creative Media Stars

Students in Media completed their Meticulous Photography project they started last week with some fantastic results. Please find attached some excellent edited photographs.

Ellie Dunn, Holly Herrity, Indigo Holmes, Jade Evans, Karan Saha, Kelly Dempsey Fallows and Leonie Appleby.

Year 9 Photography

Ms Sulek was very impressed with the photo lockdown messages created by Annie Wardle, Jessica Chadwick and Sienna Smith-Hamilton in Year 9 and Amy Rossington in Year 10, which you can view below. Well done, girls.

Year 10 Fashion Stars

The following textiles and fashion students appear on the Praise Wall because they have been so consistent with their effort and work in The ‘Messages’ project so far. Well done to;

Amy Rossington, Sophie Gorman, Hallie Waring, Hamna Shahid and Jessica-Lyn Williams.

Year 10 Art Stars

Bella Thompson and Malikah Ahktar in Year 10 have been working consistently and made good progress on planning their final art pieces. Super work, girls!

Year 9 Art Stars

Ms Sulek has been so impressed with the following students who have consistently worked hard on all their art remote learning tasks over the last few weeks. Well done to;

Alannah Holden, Karan Saha, Amelia Stuchbury, Bethany McGuffie, Elisha O’Gara and Jade Evans.


Ellis Harrison-Scott

Mr Barry would like to praise Ellis Harrison-Scott from 8E. He is incredibly impressed that Ellis has completed the PiXl Edge qualification whilst being in lockdown.

Mr Barry also challenged him to achieve 100% on some Hegarty maths tasks from the past year which he has also done whilst completing the rest of the work set. A role model for the rest of his form and he am proud that he represents 8E.

Mr Morris adds that Ellis has gone back and upped all of his Hegarty scores from Lockdown to 100%. As well as completing all on the non-compulsory extension tasks on Google Classroom! An excellent attitude to learning in Maths.

Ms Rawstron's Science Stars

Year 7 Star of the week: Yusuf Naveed

Year 8 Star of the week: Raja-Raees Ullah

Year 9 Stars of the week: Mathew Ryall, Hayden Williams, Alesha Mahmood, Daniel Brown, Ellie-Jo Jameson, Jade Evans and Jessica Chadwick for submitting outstanding work in science and an excellent effort in their Energy test.

Rachel Heyes, Tom Hotchin, Charlie Eyres, Lily Philbin, Jessica Colgan and Daisy Wall for their outstanding effort and determination in tackling their science work this week.

Year 10 stars of the week: Harrison Evans who achieved a remarkable 94% in his Biology test, Lucy Naisbitt with 88% and Jack Walton with 86%. Overall, a phenomenal effort from the entire class who continuously submit outstanding work weekly.


Mr Barry's Maths Stars

Mr Barry writes;

I am consistently impressed every single week about the effort that Callum Lane, Charlie Allwood and Abi Maxfield are putting into online learning. They attempt every task and Abi and Charlie are regularly in contact with myself should they need any help.


Ms Hughes's Science Stars

The following students have made the Praise Wall as Miss Hughes’s Super Scientists for their continuous, outstanding effort and engagement in science:

7n/sc3: Bailey Hook, Jade Williams, Katie Westwood, Kyle Barron, Lauren Harrison, Lucas Eatough, Nathan Hughes, Woody Gleeson, Charlie Heath and Chloe Hindsley.

7p/sc2: Aaron Lewis, Ethan Vietes, Isla Franklin, Jack Dugdale, Jack Greene, Jake Lane, Matthew Elleray and Scarlet Booth.

8p/sc2: Jessica Butterworth, Lexie Grant, Sienna Love, Eve Lowe, Isabelle Norwood, Jessica Ramsden, Ryan Worden, Scott Booth, Neve Warren and John Bradley.

8p/sc3: Grace Harwood, Kaleb Hailwood, Harry Owens, William Rainey, Abbie Lee and Jobe Williams.

Mr Poole's Music Stars

Well done to the following Year 7 students for getting the highest scores on last week’s listening activity;

Ethan Blake, Noah Walker, Tyler Collard King , Harry Barton, Lucas Eatough, Lewis Eaton and Charlie Heath.

In Year 8 the following students also achieved the highest scores on their listening activity;

Keira Strickleton, Ethan Gagen and Neve Warren.

The following Year 9 students have produced excellent work the past few weeks on their listening activities.

Aston Minta, Keira Gallagher, Sophie Alston Forrester, Maddie Smethurst and Amelia Stuchbury.

In Year 10, these students have produced superb work throughout the whole of lockdown. Excellent attitude to learning and their remote learning. Very proud of them!

Keira Howard, Caitlin Rhead, Lucy Grime, Thomas Ramsden, Folarera Fasehun, Niamh Turnbull Hall and Adam Tyerman.


Ms Henshall-Davies's English Stars

The following students have been working extremely hard on their remote learning tasks in English. Well done to;

Bailey Langley, Jack Cubbin, Lucy Willett, Callum Creighton, Kaine Larkin, Harley Irwin and Lucas Buckley.

Home Catering Stars

The following students have been cooking at home. They have helped to keep their families fed well and practised their catering skills too. Well done to;

Jessica Crofts, Josh Poynton, Csanad Csore, Joshua Mangnall, Jayden Garrity and Lily Tinker.


Design Technolgy Stars

The following students should be congratulated for imaginative and impressive work on the Biomimicry project.

Year 7; Harriet Hart, Toby Belfield, Jack Ridgley and Jessica Crofts

Year 8: Callum Green.

Year 8 Geography Stars

The following Year 8 geography students more than doubled their low stakes quiz score between their first and second attempts after returning to the sources and checking their information before resubmitting. Some tripled their original score and many scored 15/15!

Adam Taylor, Bethany Cain, Callum Green, Ella Goodram, Ethan Gagan, Harley Irwin, Ryan Nesfield, Sienna Love, Alyssa Hall, Charlotte Commons, Dylan Benjamin, Jessica Butterworth, Kelsie Oxtoby, Michael Smith, Aaron Rowland, Bethany Harrison-Taylor, Harley Johnson, Harry Owens, Kasey Wallis, Nicole Lomas and Oscar Aldersley.


Ms Hargreaves's Science Stars

The following Year 10 students have produced fantastic work on some difficult remote chemistry;
Megan Baxendale, Charlie Greenhalgh, Megan Haslam, Caden Jones, Maddison Palin, Aimee Renshaw, Jason Scaife and Elina Velicka.

A great effort and consistent work this week in science by the students listed below. Very impressed with these students remote attention to detail;
Lucas Briggs, Ryeleah Cartwright, Mia Conway, Taylor Durman, Billy Fothergill, Keegan Hatton and Jessica-Lyn Williams.

These students produced reat work on atomic structure in Boost science;
Abby Downing, Charlie Greenhalgh, Megan Haslam, Keira Howard, Leah Johnson, Maddison Palin, Amy Rossington, Hannah Slater and Elina Velicka.

Finally, a brilliant effort with their science work last week;
Rebecca Atkinson, Lewis Martland and Elisha O Gara.

Ms Mortimer's History Stars

The following students have shown tremendous effort in their history tasks last week;

Year 9: Lewis Doherty, Aimee Bleakley, Georgia Ridings, Hannah Cherry, Harvey Leech and Shahzaib Younas.

Year 8: Taya Arthur, Jessica Ramsden, Ethan Gagan, Ryan Nesfield, Oscar Moss, Kelsey-Jo Frost and Isla Jones.

RE Stars

In Year 7, Harry Barton and Csanad Csore submitted excellent work on the subject of `dharma` (Buddhism). In particular, both students wrote impassioned accounts detailing their hopes and ambitions for the future.

In Year 8, on the topic of reincarnation, Lucy Edwards wrote an interesting account of how it might be to live a day in the life of a mouse, and Bethany Cain had a very interesting day, living the life of a horse!

Jessica Ramsden wrote a detailed comparison of the Christian and Hindu creation stories and Ellis Harrison Scott made a great effort with all of the work this week, as he has done consistently each week so far.

In year 9, Jessica Colgan, Kelly Dempsey Fallows, Macy Drennan, Charlie Eyres and Lauren Tobin all completed detailed and well considered work on the issue of Christian creation.


Year 9 Computer Science Stars

Ms Givens writes;

‘A massive well done to the following students for completing some brilliant work in Computer Science last week – keep it up, I am really proud of your efforts!’

Annie Wardle, Beau Evans, Danny Ireland, Hassan Ali, Illyaas Sowunmi, Karan Saha, Shelby Cartwright, Tom Hotchin, Xander Hargreaves and Callum Hailwood.


Year 10 DIT Stars

Ms Givens writes;

‘Thank you to the following students for always giving 100% effort every single week and completing some absolutely outstanding work.’

Ryan Collard King, Ryeleah Cartwright, Megan Haslam, Lucas Briggs, Liam Doran, Billy Fothergill, Samantha Bithell and Umar Ahmed.

Mr Harte's Science Stars

Well done to the following students for their excellent effort in Mr Harte’s science remote learning tasks last week;

Year 7: Kyle Patel, James Hinks and Kirsten Scaife

Year 8; Callum Green, Ethan Gagan and Madison Mitchell

Year 9: Laiba Hussain, Harvey Leech and Ben Tinker

Year 10: Lewis Hales and Aaron Parkinson.

The Inclusion Team's Stars

Mrs Fernside and the Inclusion team would like to congratulate the following students for their efforts with their learning and managing to successfully adapt to this way of working:

Year 10: Adam Shaw, Jacob Wiggins, Lucas Briggs, Cayon Williams and Lewis Hales

Year 9: Caitlin Ashworth, Ellie-Jo Jameson and Coby Jackson

Year 8: Michael Bithell, Scott Booth, Finlay Dewhurst, Sasha Wilson and Bailey Langley

Year 7: Ayaan Khan, Chloe May Jameson, Isla Franklin and Cory Duffy.


Ms Brown's MFL Stars

The following students worked very hard last week and impressed with the work they put into it.

Year 8 Spanish: Jessica Butterworth, Michael Bithell, Charlotte Commons, Kelsey-Jo Frost and Lucy Willett

Year 8 French: Bethany Cain, Ethan Gagan, Olivia Lowe, Oscar Moss, Keelan Mulligan, Sophie Nesfield, Aaron Rowland, Michael Smith and Adam Taylor

Year 9 Spanish: Jessica Colgan, Kelly Dempsey Fallows, Rachel Heyes, Simrah Hussain, Bronte Naylor, Lewis Newman, Lily Philbin and Lauren Tobin.

Ms Chew's Maths Stars

The following students have shown outstanding achievement & effort in last week’s Hegarty maths tasks. Well done to;

Year 7: Noah Walker, Harry Barton, Charlie Bateson, Toby Belfield, Scarlett Booth, Ryan Cain, Csanad Csore, Lewis Eaton, Matthew Elleray, Erin Longworth, Daniel Lord, Holly McLaren, Erin Naisbitt, Kyle Patel, Oliver Phillips, Joshua Poynton, Joshua Smith, Ethan Turney, Evan Walker, Katie Westwood and Travis Woodland

Year 8: Bethany Cain, Nathan Gaskell, Callum Green, Alyssa Hall, Elisabeth Jones, Kaine Larkin, Nicole Lomas, Sophia Magari, Ella Morley, Finley Schofield, Evie Thwaites, Lucy Willett, Ella Goodram and Kelsi Lynch.